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User Reports*

*the following are just some of the many unsolicited, anecdotal, personal researcher reports of experiences observed with the protocol - presented here for informational purposes only.  The protocol discussed is not implied not intended as a substitute for your doctor or medical treatment plan.  

"I decided to post at this time because my wellness is consistent, strong, lasting, and nothing like I experience and the 16 years that I have had Lyme. My mental clarity is sharp, energy levels are steady and strong. High pulse rate I had since April of 2004, in my first week my pulse rate returned to normal. Frequent urination. since 1997 is gone. Life was so enhanced with just this. My pancreatic trouble, with high WBC and infection went away slowly but by week 10 was gone. My sleep is better, I have way less PMS. I look really good, like the healthy person I should be. The neuro/lyme problems are going away." - B.I.

"Well, this is my fourth month on [the protocol]... I think, however, I may have "broken the back" of the infection. My brain is doing math again, I am one week into a Cardio Health Improvement Program (CHIP) of four weeks duration that requires exercise, a strict diet, and two hours of class four evenings a week. Even one month ago, that would have been an impossible undertaking. Now I am doing it. (I didn't sign up because I had heart problems, I just wanted to improve my diet and excursive in order to give my body every chance to kick out the Lyme.) I feel like [the protocol] and samento with most of the adjuncts has really "broken the back" of the Lyme… I have been so ill since 1994, but especially since 1997. I have now mostly a whole different outlook that is hard to describe. The Lyme has become an annoyance and something to work against, but it no longer rules my every activity and plan. I feel like it is still a killer trying to attack me, but I feel more than able to throw back the attacker" -- CJ

"I can sense some "real cure" happening. I have more energy and strength and peace in every fiber of my body... onward and upward, yes! Besides good food, my mineral-supply and a good mix of chlorella, spirulina and one more seagreen, I don't do anything but the S/C…I can feel more and more of a healthy strength and a consistency in being free of symptoms... which is the best!!" -- P. R.

"I posted a few weeks back on my wife's progress with the protocol... after the herx ended she improved significantly. Her energy level was way up -say 80% of what used to be normal. Also, her body temperature rose to the normal range and stayed there. She still had her other symptoms, but the noise level was way down. In fact she was doing so well that she drove out to Indiana from eastern PA with my oldest son to look at a couple of colleges. Previously, such an undertaking would have been unthinkable. ...So for all of you on this protocol keep at it. It is definitely working for my wife." -- C I.

"My skin is looking so much better along with other improvements between herxing. I have had weird visual disturbances. When I look at the T.V. there is a kind of flickering, or strobing effect out of the corners of my eyes. I've had this for most of 26 years. It even occurs in my sleep. It's like a fluorescent light flickering and is quite torturous. I had tried various drugs, but nothing helped this problem. I am into my 13th week of [the protocol] and the flickering is gone! Yahoo!!!!!! I went to the doctor…She immediately commented on how much better I looked today. I mentioned my flickering vision…I said I didn't know whether the improvement meant that my circulation is a bit better or that [the protocol] is actually killing the bacteria. She felt that it is more likely to be a sign of the bacteria being killed! Yahoo!" -- R.T.

"I've been on [the protocol] for one week today. I really really feel effects from it! Its quite remarkable. There are mostly good effects…subtle but good things are happening. My energy is better, calmer, more focused. I was able to sleep 5 out of the 7 nights on this protocol with no sleeping pills - very significant for me. My sense of smell is more acute (the highway stinks and makes me sick when i go near it! never noticed that before). I actually want to go to the gym. My muscles are slightly more relaxed. Emotionally - I feel so much better - I'm just in a really good mood." - GG

"So many things are better...I have had chronic undiagnosed LD for probably 20-22 years ( I am 32 now)....
chronic left abdominal pain - gone 
brainfog - gone 
bottom of feet burning - gone 
bone-crushing fatigue - gone 
eyes are not dull and lifeless 
muscle stiffness and pain - gone 
normal body temps
... will continue with this protocol because I know it works and I thank the Lord I found you M. when I did. Truly a gift from God."  - J.M.

"I have had Lyme for over 35 years, but only found out in Nov. 04...Before I started my protocol, I was mildly depressed, uninterested in doing anything. Unsteady on my feet, losing the color and peripheral vision in my left eye. (years ago I was blind in my left eye for about 6 months)...As soon as I began the protocol...my eyesight cleared up almost right away. Lots of things exited my face and eyes and with their departure, my eye sight got better. I think the C and Cat's claw got them moving...all of the things...are lessening everyday. I am thrilled.  [The protocol] seems to jolt my brain and clear my head. For about a month I have not gone back to bed during the day but once or twice. I've had a couple of bad headache days, and I have to stay in bed until it passes, but not as many as I used to. My right arm has been so painful for months and has finally cleared up....I am interested in life again. Ready to just go do SOMETHING, anything, get out of this house. 
Before I was happy to just be able to stay up for the day...I am thrilled to know what I have suffered with all these years, and have a clear plan to get well...Thanks again for your interest and I wish everyone here the same success that I am having."  A.T.

"I do feel Pretty DANG GOOD!!!   My kids , Logan (just turned 5) and Jessi (just turned 2) have been on the protocol... Logan definitely had Lyme symptoms and mom tested positive through Igenex (yet asymptomatic. Jessi never showed any symptoms.
Logan's raccoon eyes ,sore knees and asthma cleared up within 6 months and now he is a very intelligent, energetic 5 yr old. Jessi is very healthy also, considering she was born 7 wks premature at 5 lbs 13 ozs. She is now big for her age and full of beans...They love their [protocol] "kool-aid" with stevia.
...At any rate I feel I'm almost there and the kids seem pretty healthy. the {protocol] wins in the end. I don't think I'll ever stop [the protocol]......too afraid!...We all will walk in the sunshine again!!!"  - G.W.

"I have been on [the protocol]... and very happy with the results...My condition is so much improved, I have been able to reduce many of my supportive supplements. Nice to save a bit of money! :-)
Tendonitis and arthritis in my left knee and foot have given me many walking problems for a long time, as well as the fatigue and general pain. But I am now beginning to go for walks again, and really enjoying them! My GP checked my leg yesterday and was very happy to say I can, and should, learn to walk again. The pains in my shins have gone!!!!
I hope this is encouraging for folks... it is all going in the right direction for me."  - S.E.

"My Lyme symptoms and those of my son are at bay!  I no longer get suicidal or even Lyme ragey. I have few sleep problems. I have pretty good energy most days. My son's night sweats are virtually gone and his warts disappeared and have not returned."  - K.B.

"After having Lyme for over 5 years, I have been on [the protocol] for about 2 months now and I am feeling great. I had Lyme so bad that I could hardly walk or bend my knees. Antibiotics just weren't working anymore and I felt like I was dying. My prayers have been answered with this cure and hopefully they will help all who try it too. The one thing that I would emphasize more is for people not to stop taking it if they get the Herx reaction. On the second day of taking it, I felt horrible and was having panic attacks. On the fourth day, I had the pathogens crawling out of my ears, eyes and nose. By the fifth day, I was feeling better and have been getting better every day. I hope everyone will have as good luck with it as I have." - S.D.




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