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Survey Results Released:


Protocol Users Survey

In 2009, the results of the largest survey ever done of applicants of the protocol was completed.  The respondents represented a wide range in terms of profile.  It included:
●  male and female
●  ages seven through seventies
●  different nationalities (US, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.)
●  different degrees of illness (though the majority cited their symptoms as "severe" to "extremely severe"
●  different lengths of time infected (from a few months to 30, 40 or more years - a couple individuals in their 50s indicated being infected their entire lives).

The percentage reporting symptoms being arrested, improved, significantly improved, nearly alleviated or completely alleviated...was 90%

This is unheard of in the world of Lyme treatment.  The complete results of the survey are included in the new, updated edition of the guide to the protocol.

One of the questions on the survey was, "How How would you say the protocol compares to other treatments you have done for your Lyme infection?"  Below is a sampling of the responses given by the respondents in their own words:

  • "Nothing else has helped"

  • "Success (Salt/C) vs failure w/ the others (abx, mag pulser)"

  • "It is the only supplement treatment that actually felt like I could tell the difference."

  • "This is all I have done for my infection"

  • "I love salt & C.  I believe it has saved my life and given me back a quality of life which I previously could only dream about.  For me, 4 years of abx did not work.  Rife made my ears ring.  Salt & C has been the best."

  • "It's healthy... and easy to integrate in daily life"

  • "Much more effective and with little or no side effects "

  • "Trumps them all"

  • "It was very important for a very horrifying and painful symptom (Morgellons)"

  • "Salt/C is the only thing that has ever given me any lasting relief"

  • "I feel like it has worked the best so far, and much better than antibiotics that I was on"

  • "Only thing that worked.  I tried Samento and it did not help"

  • "Was very effective for me"

  • "It got me on the right path "

  • "Easier on your system than abx"

  • "The best so far"

  • "Much less toxic and more effective"

  • "I was very happy with it."



  • "It produced the most noticeable and fastest results"

  • "The salt/C protocol is cheap and puts me in control of my health.  Also, fewer side effects to deal with make it desirable"

  • "It definitely seems like the cherry on top treatment for me. "

  • "By far Superior"

       ...and more.  



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