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Finally Free from Lyme!
Lyme Disease Protocol That Works

My Story....

...is probably a lot like yours.  Struck with mysterious (and progressing) symptoms, I saw 7 different healthcare practitioners and took over 12 months to finally find out I had contracted "Lyme Disease".  I did not know much about it and had been extremely healthy up that point so just asked casually, "OK, what do I take for this?" 

Little did I know then that I was about to enter the dark netherworld of Lyme infection.  I came to find out that when so much time has passed, and the bacteria has had a chance to really get "entrenched" in the body, the usual orthodox treatment - antibiotics - have an extremely high "failure rate", both oral and I/V. Nonetheless, I still made a "trial run" with it, but knew very quickly this would not handle the condition.

Lyme infection is called "The Great Imitator"
because its symptoms mimic so many other ailments, which is why it is often mis-diagnosed as Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, viral infection, fibromyalgia, Lupus, Parkinson's, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, and many others.

The symptoms became very classic within weeks, agonizing pains, acute neurological and cognitive issues, left hand and leg going numb, constantly "wired" feeling and intermittently "jolted" as if shocked, heart palpitations and arrhythmia, other organs effected (liver, intestines, etc.), severe insomnia, tinnitis, blurred vision, and much more. 

I began a very aggressive search for alternative solutions that ended up costing over six-digits (not covered by insurance), and took me even to other countries in search of a remedy. One of the items that helped quite a bit was something called a "Rife device" that puts out electronic "frequencies" that can actually impact some microbes. While I did improve on this, I still could not quite get free of the "recurring" cycles that the infection relentlessly continued to exert.  
Here is a partial listing of protocols and therapies applied:

4A trial of antibiotics 
4Bob Beck regimen (blood electrifier Magnetic pulser Water ozonator) 
4Jaguar versions of Beck units (Rife/Beck unit and 5K pulser) 
4Hulda Clark regimen (anti-parasite protocol and electronic zappers) 
4Extended and specialized fasts (including a 28-day fast) 
4Dr. Zhang's Chinese herbal protocol 
4Other Chinese protocols 
4Native American herbal protocols 4German Homeopathic/botanical injection 
4Gerson therapy 
4Lorraine Day protocol 4Autohemotherapy (I/V ozone/blood treatment) 
4Ozone Insufflations
4Hyperbaric (HBOT) therapy
4Peroxide I/V Drip 
4Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation 
4Urine injection 
4Colloidal Silver 
4Mild Silver Protein 
4Molecular Silver 
4Polyatomic Apheresis (Africa)
4ICHT Hyperthermia treatment (Italy) 
4Century Wellness Clinic (now Sierra Integrative) 
4Various different Rife devices (Jaguar, EMEM, F-Scan, Ultimate B3, Doug Coil) 
4High-Power Magnetic Pulser
4PAP-IMI Device 
4Dr. Rene Wellhouse's holistic therapy 
4An array of natural medicinals/ nutraceuticals - Borrelogen, Venus Flytrap extract, Monastery of Herbs, etc. 
4Transfer Factors
4and more...

Right around this time, I got a very strong premonition that something was needed to work at it "from the inside".  Almost immediately, I discovered this virtually unknown protocol, to which I developed some very key refinements and enhancements. This refined protocol is the one that finally made the difference. One that finally "broke the back" of the infection, so to speak, and allowed me to finally get my life back. I was amazed at a couple aspects about it: First, I thought I brought myself back to a certain degree with the Rife devices and holistic supplementation. However, I was startled at the "herxheimer" effects I got (healing crises type effects from the bacteria's "die-off"), and "flaring" of certain symptoms I had not seen in many, many months.  Secondly, I was floored at how inexpensive the protocol was. One day, as I was driving home after picking up the items needed, I looked over at the car seat and just shook my head.  After spending a fortune and crossing the globe, here next to me was the basics of the effective protocol that was finally working, in the form of two bottles of common ordinary items - one costing $6, the other about $10!

I am by nature a very intensive researcher and spent literally 100s of hours studying medical and research literature to satisfy myself that this experimental, research protocol was safe.  And, even when I finally succeeded in turning myself around, and despite much pressure to do so, I felt I could not release the information until I saw others could safely replicate also what I had done.  And fortunately, many of these folks' doctors have been very supportive and open to this new protocol - for they themselves had been stymied in trying to help their suffering patients. These caring doctors would monitor these patients and periodic tests all came back favorably, even when at the higher doses of the protocol, underscoring its safety when done as indicated.

The persons who originally pioneered this protocol had biological background and been extremely sick for 14 years, and had been in a serious decline despite months of aggressive oral and I/V antibiotics. They came up with, and became symptom-free with, the original protocol.  When I found it, however, I found that some folks had trouble applying it as it was given.  I made some key enhancements and refinements, the most crucial one being: an exact and precise step-by-step method that uniquely "customizes" or "tailors" the protocol to the person applying it - no matter how sick he or she is when they start.  This is the same, exact refined protocol, that brought me back to health.

Now, there are many "Lymies" following the same path, representing a wide range of ages (from children to seniors), length of time infected (from a couple years to decades), nationalities (US, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.) and symptoms (from moderate to extremely severe), and the results have been extraordinarily positive. There have even been reports of animal pets (feline, canine, equestrian) seeing benefit with (which also is evidence against "placebo" affect, as there are none with animals).

Within a short after releasing the information on this protocol, the venerable Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients publication came out with an issue that had an article in it entitled, "Is Lyme Disease The Hidden Cause of Most Chronic Disease?", in which this protocol was discussed and UCLA research presented showing why it was effective against the Lyme bacteria.


As a result of all I have discovered and experienced, I was asked by a great many to make the information more broadly known...

So, I am very pleased to announce  that the latest, updated edition of "The Salt/C Plus Protocol for Lyme Infection"  eBook is now available!

This is essentially a complete "how-to" guide to this remarkable protocol that now makes it very easy for folks to have a step-by-step guide of what to do, where to get the items, how to use them, what to expect, and much more. For anyone interested in personally researching this experimental protocol, it is basically my own "blue-print" of what successfully - finally - freed me, and so many others, from Lyme infection.  


 New For 2010!
The brand new, 197-page, 
updated edition
of the guide


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"By January, I was non-functional: intense chest pains, panic attacks, sensations in my head that felt like seizures, brain fog, poor vision, facial paralysis, arthritis in hands (my right hand was a claw), I lost my balance and fell down the stairs and became allergic/sensitive to all kinds of chemicals, etc. My Bowen test was positive and I began [the protocol] in Feb. Within a few days, I felt better, but then began herxing.  Even though I wasn't working and had no income, I ordered [the] supplements recommended by Marc...they helped to get me through the herxes.  I've stayed on [the protocol] for 4 months during which I weaned off of the supplements and began to speed-walk 40 minutes daily and do yoga again. I felt healthier than I had in 10 years and in November, I drove to FL and worked for two weeks (12 hour days)...the [protocol] is a vital part of my recovery from Lyme."
- M.L (U.S.)

"I am very pleased with the results so far. My symptoms appear to be 80-90% gone. There are still some symptoms left, but I hope that they will disappear in the future, too...Just for comparison: last winter I would go around my well-heated home dresses in two pullovers and long underpants and still manage to get a cold, I was so cold-sensitive at that time (so much for being a Viking). Going out of the home was virtually impossible, shopping was an act of acrobatics. So here there has also been a big improvement ...Very encouraging: I have "survived" this winter with only one 2-days cold (I forgot to take my [protocol] to work on that day)...Last winter it looked quite differently, I was having colds all the time."
- O.V. (Germany)

"[Protocol] progress report! :) Good things! The only symptoms I've had this whole month are some fatigue and a slight ache in my neck, and one day of slight numbness in my left cheek. The fatigue was about 50% as bad as the worst I've had... Best news is that I've realized that I haven't had a headache in TWO MONTHS!!!!! I never got headaches, but after lyme I was getting BAD ones that lasted for days, several times a week, so this is a MAJOR BIG DEAL!!!!!  Overall I've been feeling very good. - R.H. (U.S.)

"I have Lyme 29 years, misdiagnosed 22 years here in Australia. Five 'top' neurologists could find nothing wrong with me. One doc thought I had MS, but my MRI was OK. I ended up in a wheelchair sometimes and using a walking frame for years because of my severe neurological symptoms. I went to counseling but it did not change the fact that I was having trouble sitting up, walking, seeing, etc. I found I had Lyme thanks to much prayer and the internet. The [protocol] has brought tremendous improvements in my health and I am finally doing things I couldn't do for decades. I am walking miles, have recently traveled to Canada, Hawaii and the USA, been camping in a 2-man tent, shopping without help (yahooo!), driving my car and more recently driving a manual van! I never thought I would be able to cope with that. Prior to [the protocol] I believe I was dying. I was mostly housebound and was having nasty falls, due to severe vertigo. Hang in there...[the protocol] works and it is all worth it." - R.T., Australia