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"I have Lyme 27 years, misdiagnosed 22 years. I have been on [the protocol]... During this time I have had lots of bad headaches, muscle and joint pain, and been on an emotional rollercoaster. However, I have many tangible signs of healing. Today I saw my doctor. She is amazed how much better I am walking and looking. I mentioned that I rarely get the “flashing lights” in my vision now and she said this is proof that [the protocol] is getting into the brain and nervous system and killing the Lyme bacteria. My eye tests earlier this week showed no deterioration in my distance vision and only a tiny amount in my reading vision. I did not require new glasses as I usually do every 2 years. My doctor said this is most unusual as at my age, (49) my eye-sight should have deteriorated more. Also, for many years my eyes were not yoking together properly, but now they are. This gives me great hope that all the neurological damage is reversing. The large lump in my thyroid has gone right down, is not cancerous and looks to be normal tissue, responding to [the protocol]. We think it may be a nest of Lyme bacteria. All my other tests were normal. My doctor said that my progress on [the protocol] is miraculous and that she wished we had known about it much earlier. I believe it has saved my life. I still have a long way to go, but I am convinced this is working." - R. (Australia)